Plum turns pink

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Injured Penrith Panthers hard man Nigel Plum joined hundreds of enthusiastic York Public School students in celebrating their annual ‘Pink Day’ in support of the McGrath Foundation.

The South Penrith school turned into a ‘Sea of Pink’ last Friday as students, teachers and parents came dressed in their best pink attire to raise money for all the mums, grandmas, sisters and aunties out there who suffer the dreaded breast cancer disease.

Panthers enforcer Nigel Plum said he was tickled pink to help come out and raise awareness for such a worthy cause.

“The ‘Pink Day’ event is always a fun occasion to come out and support,” he said.

“It’s great to visit York Public School today and donate a signed 2012 Pink Penrith Panthers jersey, so the school can auction off and raise plenty of money.”

While some men out there are a little hesitant in wearing pink out in public, Plum said he’ll do anything, including wearing pink in front of hundreds of school kids, if it’s going to help out a cause that affects so many of us.

“I myself am not a big fan of pink but I’m happy to wear it on occasions like this,” he said.

“The Penrith Panthers are right behind pink initiatives with all us players and the staff of the club asked to wear pink shirts to every away game, so I’m in pink basically every second week!”

Principal of York Public School, David Pettitt, praised his students’ efforts and creativity in coming to school dressed in pink, including the boys who were an absolute hit.

“We were one of the first schools in Australia to hold an event like this and we do this every single year, but this year’s ‘Pink Day’ is the biggest one we’ve ever held,” he said.

“We tried to point out to the boys of the school that pink is a colour of happiness and joy but it also takes a man to stand up and say I care about others, I care about women and girls. All students made a great effort today.”

In some excellent news for Panthers fans, Nigel Plum’s revealed to the Weekender his shoulder injury he sustained in the pre-season trials wont keep him out for the entire year, as first thought, instead the tough second-rower is looking to get back on the park sometime in the next few months.

“The recovery is going really well, it’s still hard to tell when I’ll get my strength back in my shoulder but I started running this week and I’ll definitely be back sometime this year,” Plum said.

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