What kind of operator are you?

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From my experience, there are two types of businesses and business operators.


There are those people that are really unhappy doing what they do.


Everyone else is to blame for the problems they experience. The customers are an inconvenience, and are always causing problems. Advertising is just a waste of time and money, and that social media stuff isn’t worth attention.


Staff are nothing but trouble and the future will only make their business worse.


The other type of business is run by positive and enthusiastic people.


They take what they do seriously, they believe in offering excellent customer service and value for money, and are always on the lookout for ways to make their business better. They don’t act like victims and if they face a setback, as we all do from time to time, they pick themselves up and get on with it.


The latter type obviously have a far better chance of surviving than the first type, due, I believe, to the attitude of the business operator.


From what I’ve seen, there are more of the negative types of businesses than positive ones.


There are some that are too stubborn to learn new technologies or processes that will benefit their business massively.


It’s the ones that embrace change that survive.


The first step to business survival is to ensure that you have the right attitude about running your business.


Which one will you be this year? It’s all about the attitude.


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