Respect your customers

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I find it amazing how many business owners show customers a lack of the respect they deserve. If we don’t have customers, we don’t have a business.


Customers are you and me, I don’t think I’m stupid and I am sure you don’t think you are either.


So why treat customers as if they are stupid?


In today’s business world, there is a lot of choice.


These choices work in a customer’s favour but not ours as business owners. We have to be slick and smart to succeed.


Every day businesses treat their customers with little or no respect. I see and hear of them trying to rip them off, arguing with them, keep them waiting or sell them junk.  


The lesson is to never underrate customers, they are a powerful group.


I believe customer service is a cycle like most other things in life.


Soon people will grow tired of talking to machines and will demand better service from other human beings.


I would much rather talk to a person when saying the area I want my pizzas delivered to rather than it every time seem that I’m a foreigner speaking another language.


There’s always a switch back from time to time to the old and trusted way of doing things, even if it is at a higher cost


If you were a customer in your business, would you come back?


The best method is to put yourself in their shoes when dealing with them.


Make sure to treat each and every customer with the respect that they deserve and it will show in your sales and reputation.


Have a great weekend.

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