Don't take life for granted

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Sometimes we all take our health and fitness for granted, no matter what level it’s at. I have a story for you…


I have a friend who has a pretty serious addiction and their health has obviously suffered. You’ve probably heard the story: using a little bit occasionally turns into a little bit more, and before long it’s pretty much all they do.


He’s not interested in coming out for a ride or game anymore, and when we do talk you can guess what it’s about.


The other day we were at a party and I noticed he was missing for a while, I had a sinking feeling and went to look for him. Sure enough I found him in a room with two other people, all deathly quiet just sitting with that dull glazed look. 


How do you explain to someone what they’re missing in that state. Even if he could break out of his self-imposed habit and go for a run with his kids, physically he would be lethargic and unable to keep up. But also mentally he has wasted away. The bonds with his wife, kids or friends is diminished by lack of time and effort spent in interaction with them.


All these are linked to many forms of depression and sickness. A couple days ago he approached me for some help, because now his kids have also started using.


We have put a couple things in place. One of the main things was a week clean. You never realise how dependent someone is until they have to go without. ‘I could if I want to, but I just don’t want to right now’ is every addict’s favourite line.


I wonder if any readers know someone who would behave like this? What advice would you give him?  Maybe there are people reading who would like the same challenge. I’m guessing there is plenty of shaking heads saying ‘I’m not addicted to anything’. Well I’ll tell you the state altering, mind numbing drug of choice he was abusing.


Could you turn it off for a week?


Or do you just not want to right now…


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