What makes us healthy?

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Last week’s column certainly seemed to strike a chord with a few people. It was a point of view that doesn’t get much attention, because it isn’t a very nice thing to talk about.


The extreme opposite end of good health is death. This week we get another view after Shane Richards emailed me. He certainly lives what he says – running Holistic Foundations where he trains and advises others on healthy lifestyle choices. He even organises nights where his clients and friends get together and share recipes and plates of homemade, organic, real foods.


What makes us healthy?

“While many may claim to have the answers, we only need to look at the spiralling rates of heart disease, diabetes and cancer to see that many of the people feeding us information may not actually know as much as they may think!


I personally believe that it all stems back to the old saying “You are what you eat!” I quite literally believe that this is 100 per cent true.


When you sit back and think about our bodies on a cellular level you start to see the connection. Our bodies are a collection of 100 trillion cells. Every second we are replacing old ones with new ones. What are we making these new cells from? Is it that sneaky meat pie we had for lunch, the chips on the side, the shake that we washed it down with?


Would it not be fair to say that, maybe if we ate foods like free range chicken, pasture fed beef, pesticide, herbicide and fungicide free fruit and vegetables then we could quite possibly make a difference to the state of health in our country?


Real health comes from good choices and every dollar we spend is quite literally a vote that says that we want more of what we bought to be included into our life. Who would you rather give your hard earned money (vote) to?


A product manufactured in a lab and made up of ingredients we cannot pronounce and our body can’t recognise?


Or do we support our local farmers doing it right not only by us and our health, but by the livestock and the crops and providing us with real health promoting foods to nourish our bodies?


How can we make change to our health? Modifications!


Modify our lifestyle, vote with our dollar, make smart choices and buy REAL food, support the local farmers doing it right for us, the animals and the soil!


Without making change to something in our lives we will not get anything different than what we already have. Find priority in our change and change will find us!”


Shane Richards  [email protected]


Got a different view? Don’t be shy. Contact me!


David Stein has worked in the fitness industry over 18 years training and advising thousands of individuals, clubs and companies. He now runs FITEC Fitness Institute Educating and certifying trainers. [email protected]

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