Roadside surgery at Wallacia

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A doctor was forced to dramatically perform surgery on a man as emergency service workers attempted to free him from the wreckage of a vehicle in Wallacia this morning.


Ambulance, police, fire and CareFlight sent emergency teams to the Park Road crash shortly before Midday, with the helicopter landing in an adjacent paddock.


The injured man, aged in his 70s, was trapped for 40 minutes after the collision between his small truck, a car and a larger truck towing a trailer.


The man was trapped by his legs and hip, requiring the rescue officers to cut away then winch off the cabin of the truck as the doctor teamed with ambulance paramedics to stablilise the critically injured man.


The doctor performed roadside surgery on the man, placed him in an induced coma and gave a blood transfusion before continuing treatment as the man was taken, in a road ambulance, to Liverpool Hospital.


The man remained in a critical condition on arrival at the hospital to undergo emergency surgery on his multiple injuries and fractures.


Several other patients suffering lesser injuries were treated at the scene by ambulance paramedics and taken to hospital.


Meanwhile, a nine car crashed caused significant delays on Mulgoa Road earlier today. The crash happened near the M4, but was cleared in a reasonably short period of time.

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