Enjoy festive food

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Well it’s that time of year. Most fitness goals are forgotten or put on hold for a while, and I reckon so be it! What? A trainer saying don’t get fit? I can see the letters already.  


Not at all. I’m saying don’t stress about achieving some long term fitness goal at the expense of enjoying a big lunch with the family, and anyone who has seen me eat my mum’s trifle will know I practice what I preach!


Your health and fitness is a holistic picture.


I see Health and fitness as a mindset that influences my choices everyday.


It’s always my choice, if I think an occasional unhealthy decision is good for the overall picture, I’m fine with that.


If you think being fit is always making choices you don’t want to make, just to get fitter, you need to spend time sorting out why you want to get fit.


If you’re doing your fitness resolutions next year, and these always score high on the most often made resolutions, I’ll give you a tip.


Put your effort into WHY you want to get healthy. Make the reasons so big, bright and compelling, the ‘how’ will sort itself out. Make how you will feel so real, you want to start right away.


Part of that holistic health picture I spoke of is mental.


Being happy is healthy! Anger has been scientifically linked to heart disease.


Sometimes at Christmas old debates or emotions bubble up. It’s worth remembering no one can make you feel anything against your will. You choose your reaction. Always. Don’t start telling me how cranky old aunt Mavis talks in that tone and it makes me angry… It’s down to your choices again.


Appreciation is another good healthy state/emotion. Instead of complaining about the brown socks, appreciate the incredible gift of health you have. Whatever level it’s at at the moment. I have a friend who found out they have cancer a couple of days ago. All her friends would give every present they ever get to see her healthy instead.


If you have your health and can look forward to many more Christmas’ yet, that’s something to really appreciate way more than anything that can be put under the tree.


I read a survey the other day that said 4 out of 5 people would like a gift of a donation made to a charity. If you haven’t bought all your presents yet maybe that’s an option. I personally much prefer them over a dodgy jumper.


Especially when cranky aunt Mavis makes me wear it all day…


So give everyone a huge smile while you’re eating that third serve of Christmas pudding and brandy custard and tell them Dave said it’s healthy!


Merry Christmas, see you next year.


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