Nepean's step forward

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A new $3 million radiotherapy machine at Nepean will put the Nepean hospital right at the top of cancer care in Australia.


Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres announced the new machine, which has been running successful at the hospital for over a month, would provide enhanced treatment for cancer patients.


According to Medical physician Shan Yau the machine is the most advanced radiotherapy device in the southern hemisphere.


“This machine has many features fitted to the highest specification including two additional photon energy beams useful for treating deep seated cancers,” he said.


“Compared to the old days this machine is much more precise and can treat more patients.”


The machine can treat up to 35 patients a day at the Nepean Cancer Care Centre. Patients include those being treated for all cancers including prostate and breast cancer.


“Not only reduces the radiation dose by avoiding healthy tissue but reduces some cancer treatment time by five to ten minutes per session,” Director of radiation therapy Kevin Van Tilburg said.


The advanced features of the machine include the unique robotic tabletop that adjusts patient’s bodyweight and allows for sub-millimetre accuracy.


“This new facility will provide improved support to people cancer,” Mr Ayres said.


“In a number of cases it will either reduce the dose of radiation they require or reduce the number of visits they need to make.


“These features mean the patients at Nepean Hospital will receive the best and safest precision radiotherapy treatment available in the southern hemisphere.”

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