Dog was poorly treated

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A Doberman left at an industrial premise at St Marys had demodectic mange and a heavy internal infestation of hookworm.


The dog owner, George Dimitriou, appeared at Mt Druitt Court last month and pleaded guilty to two charges of failing to provide veterinary treatment to his male dog.


He also pleaded guilty to one charge of obstructing an officer exercising their power to seize an animal under the NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.


An RSPCA Inspector responded to a complaint on May 11 about the deteriorating condition of a Doberman dog kept at the St Marys premises.


She issued instructions to Mr Dimitriou to have the dog examined by a veterinarian.


The inspector returned two days later to find the owner had not complied. As she was preparing to seize the dog, Mr Dimitriou put the dog in a vehicle and drove away.


It was later established that Mr Dimitriou had surrendered the dog to the Animal Welfare League of NSW.  


He was convicted and fined $400 for each of the veterinary charges. He was fined $250 for obstructing the RSPCA Inspector and ordered to pay $81 court costs.  


Mr Dimitriou was further ordered to present to NSW Police for fingerprinting and has been prohibited from owning dogs for 10 years.

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