Push for government department

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Penrith Business Alliance has continued its push to have a NSW government department relocated to Penrith following a meeting with NSW treasurer, Mike Baird, last Friday.


Mr Baird said that, “Penrith is a key regional city with a strategic location. Plans put forward by the PBA and Council are impressive and provide a good roadmap for Government.”


“Every time I meet with the PBA I come away impressed – they are doing a great job for the community.”


“We have enjoyed a good relationship with Mike while he was in opposition and now that he is in government there is an opportunity to realise that Penrith is ideally primed for the growth of Sydney,” PBA Chairman, Paul Brennan, said.


“The government has committed to look at relocating government departments and Penrith is a viable solution as rents are much cheaper, but may also offer lifestyle benefits as the government must look at where the staff in each department are travelling from.”


Mr Brennan said Penrith is also an ideal geographical location for a government department because the city serves as a gateway between the Sydney metropolitan region and communities on the other side of the Blue Mountains.


Member for Penrith, Stuart Ayres, said that PBA put forward a good case and demonstrated that there are enthusiastic members of the community willing to contribute to the growth of the city.


“Greg Pearce [Minister for Finance and Services] is conducting an audit of state property so no decisions can be made until that is finalised at the end of the year,” Mr Ayres said.


“It was a good opportunity for PBA to demonstrate the benefits of having a department located in Penrith and it was the first opportunity since the election for Mike to view PBA’s proposals through the prism of being in government.”


Mr Brennan was very pleased with the meeting’s discussion and said that PBA’s agenda as acknowledged, appreciated and understood by the treasurer.


“Our key message is that the government should be one of many partners in the realisation of many shovel ready projects Penrith is pursuing… we are not going to the government with problems but recommendations and solutions,” Mr Brennan said.

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