Payne comes out swinging

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NSW Liberal Senator, Marise Payne, has blasted the Prime Minister and local MP David Bradbury over the introduction of carbon tax legislation into parliament yesterday.


"This is the same Prime Minister who said six days before the last election 'there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead'," Ms Payne said.


“This Parliament is being asked to support a carbon tax for which it has no mandate. It would be a travesty of democracy for the Prime Minister to ram this bad tax through this Parliament.


“The Labor-Green carbon tax will drive up prices, threaten jobs and do nothing for the environment. It is a great big new tax on everything, and every year it will just go up and up and up.


“On the government's own figures, 3 million Australian households will be worse off under the carbon tax. On the Government's own figures dual income families will be worse off once they have the income of a school teacher and a shop assistant; or that of a policeman and a part-time nurse."


Ms Payne also called for David Bradbury to not support the tax.


“David Bradbury should be standing up for Penrith and surrounding areas and opposing this carbon tax. Australia’s forgotten families are already struggling with soaring cost of living pressures and the carbon tax will make a bad situation worse. The Prime Minister refuses to acknowledge this,” Senator Payne said.


“Julia Gillard should apologise to the people of Penrith for misleading the people and she should acknowledge that she has no mandate to introduce this carbon tax.


“There is a better way. The Coalition’s Direct Action plan is a strong and effective policy that will reduce carbon emissions by 5% by 2020 without a new tax. Our Direct Action plan is costed, capped and fully funded from savings to the budget."

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