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For 21 years, The Western Weekender has been the heartbeat of Penrith.

The Western Weekender is a local, independent publication that delivers to suburbs across the Penrith Local Government Area.

It boasts the widest circulation of all papers in the Penrith region, and has a loyal and dedicated readership.

Started in 1991 by a group of businessmen keen to shed Penrith’s image of being a down-and-out city, the Weekender grew to become a true voice for the people of the region.

As Penrith and its surrounds grew and the area became a major regional city, The Western Weekender grew with it. Today, it boasts more than 100 pages each Friday, including unrivalled coverage of rugby league and entertainment.

The Weekender provides a mix of up-to-date and breaking news, community stories, lifestyle columns and features, business stories, auto content, sports stories and much, much more. It also encompasses a dedicated Real Estate section, crosswords, quizzes and competitions.

Over the years, the Weekender has been there for all the big events in Penrith. We were there for the 1991 and 2003 rugby league grand finals. We were there when the Olympic Games came to Penrith, and we were there when political scandals engulfed the area. When news breaks, you can rely on our journalists to be there.

In 2009, the Weekender was purchased by MediaView Pty Ltd, and under that ownership, has grown to become a true force in local media.

The Western Weekender has a sister publication in Marrickville, the Inner City Weekender, and in 2010 launched an entertainment magazine, FYI, which revolutionalised entertainment coverage in local media. In 2011, this was followed up with the launch of a gloss rugby league magazine, Extra Time.

The Western Weekender continues to provide Penrith residents with the complete local newspaper, full of engaging content and targeted advertising.

Online, The Western Weekender continues to evolve from the traditional local newspaper format, providing up-to-date news on the website, plus regular updates across social media.

The Western Weekender is a true icon in Penrith and a local business success story in its own right.

Publication Day: Friday
Editorial Deadline: Wednesday 7pm
Advertising Deadline: Wednesday Midday
FYI Advertising Deadline: Tuesday 5pm
Circulation: 59,400 (CAB Audit, September 2011)
Founded: 1991
Editor: Troy Dodds
Advertising Manager: Simon Gould

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