Penrith being considered for new truckie rest area

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Penrith is one of six Local Government Areas being considered for a new rest stop for truck drivers.

Currently there are limited rest areas that are fit for purpose for truck drivers between Pheasants Nest to the south of Sydney and Wyong to the north – a distance of 180 kilometres and nearly two hours driving.

An engagement report, now published, lays out the views of more than 800 drivers – overwhelmingly long-haul drivers of B-doubles and Semi-trailers – about what they need to better support rest stopping in western Sydney.

Safety and security came through as the highest priority, including the safety of female drivers and provision of separate toilet and shower facilities.

Drivers raised the need for adequate lighting and security, including CCTV cameras, and a preference for separate parking bays for sleeping and long rest breaks, particularly at night.

The minimum services and facilities required for a rest area are flushing toilets, clean drinking water, hot showers, ample available parking, including secluded bays for sleeping, shade and food and takeaway options of both fresh and fast food.

More than 85 per cent of truck drivers surveyed said they would be willing to drive up to five minutes from their route to access rest facilities.

Feedback was gathered at a roundtable discussion along with online and in-person surveys with industry and stakeholders.

Options for a proposed rest area are being considered across six local government areas including Blacktown City, Penrith City, Fairfield City, Liverpool City, Camden and Campbelltown City.

Transport for NSW is currently investigating potential site options for a western Sydney heavy vehicle rest area, within the scope of industry preferences on location, land size and facilities received during the engagement.

Detailed due diligence is underway to evaluate the most suitable site (or sites) including assessing access, planning, and environmental constraints.

As with all Transport for NSW proposals and potential developments, the Western Sydney heavy vehicle rest area is subject to a rigorous business case assessment process and allocation of funding at each stage.

The Western Sydney Heavy Vehicle Rest Area Engagement Report is available online here.

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