Hitchen confirms she’ll exit Council at end of current term

Former Penrith Mayor Tricia Hitchen. Photo: Megan Dunn.
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Former Penrith Mayor and long-time Councillor Tricia Hitchen has confirmed she won’t be recontesting her spot on Council at the upcoming election.

Hitchen spent two years as Penrith’s Mayor and has been a Councillor for the past 12 years.

“I had three years as Deputy Mayor and two years as Mayor, that was beyond my expectations from when I joined 12 years ago,” Hitchen said.

“I met so many wonderful people and organisations that are all working together to build our city and that was so rewarding.”

The Liberal Councillor has been a long-time advocate for the disability sector and said that work was some of her greatest achievements.

“When I joined Council 12 years ago we didn’t have an adult changing space,” Hitchen said.

Councillor Tricia Hitchen.

“So, there was nowhere in Penrith that my son or people like my son could use public toilet facilities. I asked Council to bring that forward and start doing some planning.

“We have 10 at the moment… Personally, I think that is a great achievement for people with disabilities.”

Hitchen believes that Council is in a good position to support its community as she leaves her post.

“We’ve got an exciting future coming up with the airport in two years, and the growth that is planned for Penrith,” Hitchen said.

“We’ve got a really forward-thinking Council. I think Council is in a really good place to leave.”

Hitchen reflects on her time on Council fondly, saying she is grateful to have had a chance.

“I’m grateful to have had that time to help my city and I think Penrith has some really exciting times ahead,” she said.

Hitchen shared that the decision to retire from Council happened at the last election.

“I made the decision at the last election, I decided that was going to be my last one,” Hitchen said.

“I think 12 years is long enough. I achieved a lot.

“I’m happy with what I’ve done and it’s time to look for something new and exciting.”

The Local Government Election will be held in September, when a new Council will be elected.

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