Council to “review” parking fine process following government request

A traditional windscreen parking fine.
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Drivers issued with parking fines by local Councils should be immediately notified, the State Government says.

Finance Minister Courtney Houssos has written to 128 Councils – including Penrith – urging that those using ticketless systems find a way to alert drivers to infringements immediately.

Penrith Council joined a growing list of Councils moving away from traditional paper parking fines last year, transferring to Revenue NSW’s Print and Post system.

“Prior to transferring to the Print and Post system, parking infringements were mostly issued by receipt-style notices placed on car windshields, which could be impacted by passers-by or the weather,” Council said at the time.

Houssos’ letter formally requests Councils to provide an on the spot, written notification to drivers – for example, a small pre-printed card on their windscreen – when they issue a fine.

“While there are some benefits to the ticketless system, I am aware of community concerns around the issuing of ticketless parking fines, particularly the timeliness of fine notifications,” the letter said.

“I believe these concerns can be addressed by implementing some simple administrative measures. “

Penrith Council issued 17,578 ticketless parking fines last year, generating almost $3 million in revenue.

“The current implementation of the ticketless parking system has eroded trust in [the] parking fine system,” Houssos said.

“Providing immediate notification to drivers is the right thing to do and is an important first step to restoring community trust in the administration of the fines system.”

A spokesperson for Penrith City Council confirmed that Council is in receipt of the letter sent by Houssos.

“Council will review its process of notifying fine infringements as requested by the Minister,” the spokesperson said.

The Weekender understands Council would be unlikely to return to paper fines, but could consider the pre-printed card to notify drivers.

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