Growing with the community: Flower Power’s huge revamp

Jason Pitronaci and Shane Grech. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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If you haven’t been to Flower Power Penrith lately, you might be in for a bit of a shock when you see their new and improved landscaping department, which has been completely revamped to benefit trade and domestic gardeners alike.

The landscaping department at Flower Power Penrith was originally one of the smallest in the state. With the area quickly growing around it, the team thought it was about time for an upgrade.

With a significant monetary investment comes some huge changes to the department, including a larger range of Husqvarna Power Garden tools, bulk goods, bagged products, garden edging, blocks and pavers.

“We’ve created more bulk bins to cater for the area, we’ve spent quite a lot of money on redoing the concreting, the new bins themselves, a bigger range to carry more products,” Store Manager, Jason Pitronaci said.

The changes have not just brought the store up to par with the others, but made the department the best in the west.

“It’s a one stop shop! You can get your bulk materials, your soils, mulches, and pebbles, and then we’ve got the plants up the top as well,” he said.

“Whatever your garden needs, we’ve got it!”

Jason Pitronaci. Photo: Melinda Jane.

In particular, Pitronaci said the revamp will cater for the influx of business coming through for new developments, many of which are starting from square one.

“A lot of the new developments are starting from scratch, so they’re going to need pretty much everything, which is great for them, and for us,” he said.

“If we’re local, and they’re local, it just makes the delivering of goods a lot easier and faster.”

But, the new range will also suit the everyday gardener.

“When COVID came around, a lot of people couldn’t do anything else, so they just spent a lot of time in their gardens and now everyone’s gardens are looking really, really good,” Pitronaci said.

“A lot of people are garden proud in our area, so people are loving spending money on their gardens and prettying it up. It can be really relaxing and enjoyable, and seeing the transformation of their gardens coming to fruition is really good as well.”

The bulk of the redevelopment was completed in late December, though they’ve only now wrapped up the finishing touches.

Landscape Operations Manager for Flower Power Group, Joel Bagot, who oversaw the redevelopment, said that ultimately the goal was to improve customer experience, including with the new format drive-through landscape centre, which makes it easy for customers to drive right up to the products, put them in their car and pull up next to the registers to pay.

Shane Grech. Photo: Melinda Jane.

“We wanted to make it a better shopping experience, and more convenient, both for the trade and the domestic gardener in the region,” he said.

According to Pitronaci, this has been achieved.

“Sometimes you’ll even find that people didn’t know that this part of the business existed, and now that it’s all been revamped, people are surprised on how big it is, and how many products we’ve got now,” he said.

“Every day, new people are coming around and going ‘Wow, we didn’t even know this was down here!”

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