St Hedwig offers a warm and welcoming community

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Family history and a strong connection to St Hedwig led Barbara and Brendan McCann to move to the village, and it has proven to be the best decision they have ever made.

“At our previous home our friends were moving away and the quiet, friendly neighbourhood was changing… no more street parties, chats over the fence and sharing of food, plants and flowers,” the couple said.

“We had been on the list at St Hedwig since 2016 and while we looked at other retirement villages, St Hedwig was the one that ticked all of our boxes.

“A brand new, spacious and thoughtfully designed apartment within a connected community. All of the things we lost in our old neighbourhood we have re-discovered at St Hedwig.

“For us, St Hedwig has always felt like home.”

Barbara has a special connection to the facility.

“Both of my parents lived in the village between 1987 and 2010. We were able to visit as often and whenever we wished and they received tremendous care at the aged care facility that is collocated on site,” she said.

“My parents and I have been connected with this community since it was first established. For Brendan and myself, moving to St Hedwig has been a homecoming of sorts.

“One of the most enjoyable aspects of living at St Hedwig is the friendly atmosphere of the community. Where else do you have the pleasure of meeting friendly people, having chats as they go on their walks and sitting outside enjoying the sun and gardens? There are also lots of fun social events to participate in along with the opportunity to reminisce and share life experiences with other residents in the village.

“The new people that you meet and the beautiful friendships that you make is also an incredibly special part of living at St Hedwig. A sense of caring and camaraderie is woven through the fabric of the village. We have been welcomed into the village by all of the other residents and have even booked holidays with some of our newfound friends. The biggest challenge living at the village is that it takes half an hour to check the mailbox because of all of the chin wagging sessions along the way!”

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