Hairspray sold in Penrith subject to product recall

The products sold in Penrith.
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A temporary colour hairspray sold at retailers in Penrith has been recalled over fears of allergic reactions.

Oceana International Pty Ltd’s Temporary Colour Hair Spray was sold in seven colours including silver, gold, blue, pink, red, green and yellow. It has ‘Party Planet’ across the label.

In Penrith, it was sold at Red Dollar stores and Sydney Party Decorations. It was sold in dozens of other stores nationwide.

The products were sold without the ingredient information that is required for cosmetic products.

There is a risk of allergic reaction if consumers are exposed to ingredients they are sensitive or allergic to.

Consumers will not be able to check the ingredients list to identify the possible cause and seek appropriate treatment.

Consumers should return the product to their place of purchase or contact Oceana International for a refund.

For more information, consumers should contact Oceana International Pty Ltd by phone on 02 9604 1211.

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