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Looking for a tree change? Be a part of something special with Gowrie NSW.

Gowrie is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to help children thrive and amplify their contributions to society. Now in its 83rd year, the organisation maintains the same focus on innovation in early and middle childhood services as it did in 1940.

Nicole Tytherleigh, the General Manager of Gowrie’s Early Education centres, is just one of the early childhood teachers who have found a home with the organisation.

“I feel really excited to work for Gowrie now, and I did when I first started, just prior to COVID,” she said.

At Gowrie, the role of a teacher is incredibly important. With Early Childhood Education currently facing a workforce crisis, they’re looking for more superstars to join the team.

“There’s a whole lot of other elements that support quality, from group size, to ratio, and all of those things, but it’s the people doing the work who provide that next level of impact, so we know that getting the right people in is really important, and having them share our vision is equally important,” Tytherleigh said.

According to Tytherleigh, it’s all about mindset over experience.

“We don’t expect everybody to have decades of experience, we have a range of different people working in our centres, but what we do want in our people and what makes the difference is that openness, that willingness to learn, and really appreciating having child and family at the centre of decision making,” she said.

This is only heightened by the professional learning opportunities provided by the organisation.

“Children are learners, but so are we as educators and teachers, so we really want to support that,” Tytherleigh said.

“We do that not just through one-off courses, we have a dedicated program of learning. It’s about creating depth and sustainability in how we’re supporting our educators and teachers with their professional learning and development.”

In particular, Gowrie is looking for educators in the Central West, with Centre Director, Educator and teacher positions available in their Mudgee and Orange services. Though they may be separated by distance,

Tytherleigh assures you’d be joining a network of other passionate educators.

“To come and work at Gowrie means coming to join a family,” she said.

“Whilst we are at different places and spaces, there is a thread of connection between the centres that means you’re not working in isolation.”

Positions in one of these centres come with sector leading benefits, as well as above-award salaries and conditions, and generous relocation bonuses if applicable.

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