Man’s fear of losing inheritance lands him in jail

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A family rift over inheritance has seen a Penrith man jailed after he sent a barrage of threatening text messages.

Edward Catton, 51, reappeared before Penrith Local Court on Wednesday, March 22, after previously pleading guilty to ‘destroy or damage property’, ‘contravene prohibition/restriction in AVO’, ‘use carriage service to threaten to kill’ and ‘stalk/intimidate intend fear physical etc harm’.

According to police facts, tensions arose between Catton and his family members over compensation money given to his mother following the death of his father during Cyclone Tracy in 1974.

In 2021, he believed his sister was getting closer to their mother and feared it would get in the way of him receiving a fair portion of the inheritance.

On August 14, an enraged and alcohol-affected Catton allegedly sent at least 50 text messages to his 31-year-old nephew.

“I’m still proud, the very last words I said to my mother on her 79th birthday was leave me nothing and I will kill them all, you fat c**t,” one message said.

In the following days he also threatened his sister.

“I have a glock hidden but she’ll come into use. Don’t think I’m not planning s**t as well… I’ll send you a selfie of me and the bodies before I blow my own brains out,” he said.

Catton was convicted and sentenced to four Community Correction Orders (CCO’s).

Less than 12 months later, he breached the orders by slashing the tyre of a relative’s car after claiming they had failed to return the tyre he lent them.

Catton was represented by a lawyer who told Magistrate Fiona Toose that her client was feeling “extremely remorseful” for his actions.

She told the court that he was drinking alcohol at the time and had no intention of harming anyone.

“He [Catton] told me that going into custody was the best thing that ever happened because it has allowed him to detox,” she said.

In sentencing, Magistrate Toose frankly told Catton that his “appalling” behaviour had “clearly poisoned” his relationship with the family.

“There’s a saying that goes: where there’s a will there’s a relative. Get on with your own life, stop being so obsessed with money,” she said.

“You said dreadful things about your mother and what you‘re going to do to her. People do not need to be in fear when they see your number pop up on their screen.

“The money was to compensate your mother after the tragic loss of your father. It wasn’t for you to get your hands on because you feel entitled to it”.

Catton had his four community correction orders revoked and was sentenced to six months imprisonment.

He was also fined $1000 and ordered to pay $420 in compensation for the slashed tyre.

Catton is due to reappear before Penrith Local Court for a separate matter on Wednesday, May 3.

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