Where to find Penrith’s best cocktails

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Who doesn’t love a cheeky cocktail? Here’s the best places to grab a delicious creation in Penrith.

5. The River Boat Bar (Penrith)

Recently opened, the River Boat Bar on the Nepean River offers a unique setting for a night with friends.

Cocktails here are affordable too and there’s a few local themed drinks like the Cleary Kicker, which features rum, lime, orange bitters and alcohol dinger beer, or the Greggy Alexander!

All your faves are here too like a Fruit Tingle, Mojito and Cosmo.

See the full menu here.

4. The Union (Union Lane, Penrith)

Tapas restaurant The Union not only has awesome food, but their delicious cocktails are to die for! If you’re not heading in for food, check out the small bar downstairs!

If you’re feeling 18 again, try the ‘Midori Splice’ – sweet delight! The ‘Caipirinha’ offers a legitimate taste of Brazil while traditional cocktail lovers will love a ‘Mojito’ or ‘Strawberry Daiquiri’.

Cocktails are priced at around the $15 mark.

More details here.

3. Dom’s Cocktail Lounge (Panthers)

What we love about Dom’s is that Panthers has gone all out to create an authentic 1920s style vibe inside the Leagues Club. Dom’s is totally different to anywhere else in the club.

There’s a range of classic cocktails here and some local favourites too, like the ‘Pink Panther’ and ‘Blue Hawaii’.

Keep an eye out for special nights too – where discounted cocktails are on offer!

More details here.

2. The Flower Shop (Penrith)

Penrith’s first speakeasy features a mixture of classics and new creations, all in a superb, modern setting.

You won’t find too many places with an old fashioned Grasshopper on the menu, but it’s one o the highlights at The Flower Shop.

The Amaretto Sour here is brilliant too.

See the full cockatail menu here.

1. Mr Watkins (High St, Penrith)

Mr Watkins is a trend setter in Penrith, helping to re-shape the area’s nightlife. There’s some awesome cocktails here, reasonably priced at around the $16-$20 mark.

Try the ‘Good Juju’ which features spiced rum, blueberry & sage syrup, pineapple and lime, or the Strawberry & Brown Butter Old Fashioned.

You’ll also find a range of classic cocktails here – everything from a ‘Cosmo’ to a ‘Whiskey Sour’ and ‘Aperol Spritz’.

See all the details here.

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