Safety labels needed for electric and hybrid vehicles

An example of the stickers.
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The NSW Government is reminding all owners of electric vehicles, including hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, to affix a safety label to their number plates to assist emergency services identify hazards when attending a vehicle incident.

Safety labels are mandatory on these vehicles to ensure that firefighters and other emergency service first responders can safely handle any fire or rescue in the event of a crash or emergency.

Tara McCarthy, Deputy Secretary of Safety, Environment and Regulation at Transport for NSW, said hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicle sales are continuing to increase across the State.

“There are more than 100,000 hybrid or electric cars registered in NSW and we are asking those drivers to help us help them by making sure they are easily identifiable,” Ms McCarthy said.

“By ensuring that a safety label is affixed to your front and rear number plates, emergency services will be able to identify and safely respond to an incident involving an alternatively fueled vehicle.”

Ms McCarthy said safety labels are available for free at Service NSW service centres and online for a small fee.

“Owners and drivers must display safety labels on the front and rear number plates of their vehicles otherwise penalties may apply,” Ms McCarthy said.

“Dealers who register an electric, hybrid or hydrogen vehicle must attach safety labels to the vehicle’s number plates as part of the registration process.

“This simple step will make your car safer, protect emergency services personnel, ensure you are not breaking the law and help you avoid a defect notice or fine.”

Station Officer Daniel O’Dea, Team Leader for Alternative + Renewable Energy Technology at Fire and Rescue NSW, said the labels would greatly assist in protecting firefighters and ensuring community safety.

“The labels enable our crews to follow correct safety procedures if these vehicles are in a crash or other incident,” Station Officer O’Dea said.

“New vehicle technology brings new challenges. However, by being able to quickly identify the type of hazard, firefighters and other emergency services can implement the most appropriate strategies to ensure the safety of vehicle occupants.”

You can get safety labels for free at your nearest Service NSW service centre or order them online by visiting Transport’s online portal.

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