Mental health support for Penrith residents impacted by floods

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Pressures from the pandemic and compounding trauma from drought, bushfires and now multiple flood events, have taken their toll on many Penrith residents.

Wentworth Healthcare, the provider of the Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network, want the community to know that there is free mental health support available to people of all ages.

Wentworth Healthcare CEO, Lizz Reay, said that anyone in the Penrith area who is experiencing high levels of distress resulting from the 2021/2022 flood events can access up to 10 free psychological therapy sessions through the Psychological Therapy Services program.

“These services are free for anyone of any age, including children, young people, adults and older people whose mental health is suffering and may have been made worse by the recent flood events. No GP referral is needed to access this free support,” Ms Reay said.

“Penrith has faced multiple disasters over the last few years and seeing our families, friends, neighbours and community go through yet another disaster can be very distressing. That’s why these therapy sessions are available to anyone being psychologically affected by the floods, and not just those who are physically impacted by the flood waters.”

These services can be accessed by calling the Head to Health intake line on 1800 595 212.

When calling the number, people are asked to enter their residential postcode and are then transferred to a trained mental health professional, who will talk to them about their concerns and refer them into the Psychological Therapy Services program or another local service, if more appropriate.

“If you are feeling overwhelmed by these most recent flood events, I encourage you to reach out and call our Head to Health intake line. You are not alone and there is support available,” she said.

“There are telehealth and face-to-face appointments available, without the long waiting times some people may be experiencing to see mental health clinicians.”

To access these free services, Penrith locals should call the Head to Health intake line on 1800 595 212 from Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 5.00pm.


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