Masked Panther: Kikau’s joy at being a new Dad

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Kikau loves changing nappies

He’s an enforcer on the field, but Viliame Kikau is a big softie off it. He’s absolutely loving being a new Dad, and has revealed he doesn’t mind changing nappies either.

“We actually enjoy changing nappies, we take it in turns. He’s a good baby, doesn’t cry much,” Kikau said.

“I’m getting a bit more sleep now. The first few weeks were pretty rough but now he’s sleeping really good.”

Frame it up

There’s been some awesome images pop up on social media in recent weeks of framed Panthers 2021 Premiership jerseys. Check out this amazing framed piece from Black Door Gallery, who have been kept busy with plenty of Panthers projects since the side won the decider last year.

An incredible piece framed for a Panthers fan.

Kati’s story

Pantherettes choreographer Kati Manning (pictured below) has gone full circle – back at the club in charge of the cheerleaders more than a decade after she first performed on the Penrith Stadium turf herself. Kati is the latest guest on the popular ‘Passion and Perspective’ podcast, which is out now.

“The passion of their dance and the passion for the football – to combine the two is a perfect mix. I try to choreograph routines and create performance pieces that entertains,” Kati says on the episode.

You can catch the ‘Passion and Perspective’ podcast on all the usual podcast platforms.

Kati Manning when she was a finalist in the Weekender’s Cheerleader of the Year competition in 2013.


Mitch Kenny and Sean O’Sullivan grabbing breakfast at High Street Depot in Penrith last week. The stylish Kenny was wearing a vintage sweater.

Leniu stands up for Smith

One thing the cameras didn’t pick up last Saturday in Bathurst was Spencer Leniu’s response to Mitch Barnett’s high tackle on Chris Smith. Leniu was absolutely fuming on the touchline and even had to be restrained at one point – that’s how enraged he was at what had happened in the minutes prior.

Barnett fronted the judiciary on Tuesday night and was suspended for six weeks.

Cool under pressure

Stephen Crichton was being relentlessly mocked by a Newcastle fan just metres from him when lining up his final conversion of the afternoon at Bathurst last Saturday. It wasn’t a pressure kick but Crichton landed it perfectly, ensuring he had the last laugh.

Back in Bathurst

The Masked Panther made the trip to Carrington Park last Saturday and it was a fabulous afternoon with some 11,000 fans watching the Panthers destroy the Knights.

There were plenty of smiles in the crowd and very little trouble as the folk of regional NSW welcomed Penrith and Newcastle fans alike.

The big rumour doing the rounds was that Bathurst may get a second game in 2023 or 2024 while the Panthers are homeless due to the stadium redevelopment.

Fletch winding down

The appointment of the media shy Matt Cameron to the CEO role at Panthers was no surprise, with Brian Fletcher making no secret of the fact that he’s closer to the end of his tenure at Panthers than the beginning.

Fletcher still has a few years to run on his current deal and remains Group CEO, where he’ll focus on the Leagues Clubs and the continuing development around the Panthers precinct.

Peter Graham is the club’s new Chairman.

Panthers Group CEO Brian Fletcher. Photo: Melinda Jane.

Secrets lie beneath

Crazy as this may be, there’s rumours that several fans may have had their ashes buried beneath the surface at Penrith Stadium over the last 50-odd years.

It’s almost impossible to verify as none of it would have happened in the modern era, but with a full redevelopment of the stadium coming, who knows what secrets may be revealed.

If you know anything, email [email protected].

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