In The Spotlight: The Costi’s Fresh & Cooked Seafood

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There’s nothing better than a meal with high quality seafood. It’s good for your brain, high in important nutrients, and it tastes pretty good, too.

Kan Shi and his team at The Costi’s Fresh & Cooked Seafood at Nepean Village are working around the clock to fulfil those fishy cravings.

“We start early every morning,” Mr Shi said.

“You have to arrive at the markets at 4-4.30am to check all the fish and pick the best quality ones.”

The Costi’s fresh side is constantly stocked with all the best quality seafood, straight from the Sydney Fish Market.

But, if convenience is the name of your game, their cooked side has got you covered.

“The cooked side is for people who don’t want to cook at home, people who have been working all day, or people who have a half-an-hour break and come in and buy food,” Mr Shi said.

In addition to their already long list of menu items, including fresh salads, fish and chips, and drinks, Mr Shi is taking ‘the customer is always right’ to the next level, offering up your pick of their fresh seafood, ready to eat.

“We can bring the fresh fish over to the cooking side to cook it as well,” Mr Shi said.

Mr Shi not only prides himself on the quality of his products, but on the dedication of his team.

“All the people who are here – myself, my business partner, my chefs, everyone is a hard worker,” Mr Shi said.

“We try to do an outstanding job. Everyone is really focused on their own responsibilities, but we work as a team.”

And this team extends to their regular customers, who visit the store not only for the best quality seafood around, but for the all-round hospitality.

“We have lots of regular customers. When they come, we know what they want, we chat with them,” Mr Shi said.

So, next time you’re in the mood for seafood, head to The Costi’s Fresh & Cooked Seafood at Nepean Village, open seven days a week.

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