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Give your business the edge in 2022 with Local Edge Marketing.

Since early 2016, Local Edge Marketing has been providing businesses in the greater Penrith region with unrivalled marketing and communications services, at a price they can afford.

With a highly qualified and awarded local team of professionals with more than 17 years of industry experience, the team at Local Edge covers all areas of marketing and communications.

From digital marketing and social media marketing to content creation, graphic design, PR, copywriting, and strategic campaign buying, this communications agency can deliver it all.

Over the years, they’ve helped businesses in Penrith grow from small, one-man band start-ups to some of western Sydney’s most successful and awarded businesses.

With personal, attentive customer service and nationally award-winning work that gets their clients results year after year, Local Edge Marketing continues to be Penrith’s trusted agency and come heavily recommended by their clients.

Agency Director and Publicist Nicole Fahey and her team have extensive industry experience working with brands such as Woolworths, Unilever and Keune just to name a few, so when it comes to your small business, you get the highest level of professional service, every time.

Ms Fahey has also been a radio commentator on Sydney radio and brings her wealth of knowledge in the communications field, to Penrith.

When you work with the team at Local Edge Marketing, it takes out the need to have multiple contacts to conduct your business’ marketing efforts.

When you have one agency managing your social media, taking care of your graphic design needs, creating your content, managing your website, local publicity and more, it just makes life easier (and business boom)!

Did we mention they love a good laugh? Marketing doesn’t have to be boring and it definitely isn’t while working with the team at Local Edge Marketing.

As of 2022, they will be introducing some exciting new services to ensure Penrith businesses have access to some of today’s most progressive advertising strategies.

Be sure to keep an eye out on their social media pages for these exciting announcements.


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