Change of season means snakes are out and about

Snake catcher Sean Cade hard at work. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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Snake season has slithered around for another year and locals seem to be sighting more scaly friends around town than usual.

Owner of Australian Snake Catchers Sean Cade, who has been in the reptile industry for 20 years, said COVID-19 could be the cause behind the perceived increase of sightings.

“With lockdown more people have been spending time at home and also walking more to get a change of scenery so they are seeing snakes more,” Mr Cade said.

“It is not that a snake hasn’t travelled through your backyard previously, but you probably haven’t noticed it because you were at work.”

As spring signals reptiles to leave their brumation period in search of sunshine, food and a mate, there will be high snake activity.

“Red Belly and Eastern Brown snakes are the most common in western Sydney, as well as the Yellow Faced Whip Snake around Glenmore Park but just because it is brown doesn’t mean it is an Eastern Brown snake.

If you see two snakes wrapped up like a plait and being quite violent that is two males fighting, the mating ritual is much more subtle and gentle,” Mr Cade said.

Snake catcher Sean Cade hard at work. Photo: Melinda Jane.

Mr Cade encouraged residents to remain on alert around walking tracks, especially around Nepean River.

“90 per cent of people bitten by snakes are trying to catch them or kill them and they only attack if they feel threatened so do not approach it, give it as much room as possible and keep pets and kids away from it,” he said.

“If it is in your home or yard do the same but also try to keep an eye on it and call a professional to help, plus if you can take a photo that helps us to ID it.”

With more urban development around the area, locals need to learn how to safely live with snakes.

“People buy repellers that are supposed to vibrate and scare snakes but they actually attract them as they think the buzzing could be a food source,” he said.

“We also recommend people get a compression bandage so if you are ever bitten or scratched you put that on, immobilise it and ring Triple Zero.”

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