Are you tired of feeling tired?

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Are you constantly feeling tired or fatigued and struggle to find the energy to do normal activities?

You may be one of the thousands of Australians suffering from iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency occurs when the body is unable to make enough red blood cells as it does not have enough iron to support their production.

It can be caused by lack of iron in our diet, losing large amounts of blood during the menstrual cycle, frequent nose bleeds or a gastro intestinal ulcer.

Some individuals may also struggle to absorb iron due to a genetic disorder or gastrointestinal and digestive conditions, such as crohn’s disease, celiac disease or H.Pylori infection.

Women are at higher risk than men for developing the condition during menstruation and pregnancy because their need for iron increases during this time.

In addition to fatigue, symptoms include difficulty concentrating, brittle nails or hair loss, pale skin, coldness in the hands and feet, cracks at the side of the mouth, swelling or soreness of the tongue and chest pain.

Dizziness, headaches, irregular or rapid heartbeat, unusual cravings for nonfood items, restless leg syndrome and shortness of breath are also signs.

Left untreated, iron deficiency can lead to depression, heart problems, increased risk of infections, motor or cognitive development delays in children, and pregnancy complications such as pre-term delivery or low birth weight.

Thankfully, once diagnosed, iron deficiency can be treated using the cost-effective iron supplement, Ferrous + C, to support healthy blood iron levels in the body. Ferrous + C is a TGA-approved product manufactured locally by Australian-owned company, Vitaceuticals, and is prescribed by leading Gynaecologists, Endocrinologists and other leading Specialist doctors.

Formulated by pharmacists, Ferrous + C contains a different salt from others on the market, significantly reducing the chance of adverse side effects.

Gentle on the stomach and easy to swallow, the non-constipating formula is ideal for daily use and includes Vitamin C for enhanced absorption. Chewable tablets are also available for children or adults who do not like taking tablets.

Ferrous + C is available at Woolworths, and is stocked at more than 300 leading pharmacies across NSW or you can purchase online at

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