American barbecue done differently at Smoky Sue’s

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If you think you know American barbecue… think again!

Located at Nepean Village’s developing food precinct in Penrith, Smoky Sue’s takes everything you know about traditional American barbecue and flips it on its head.

As their mission statement says: “We have torn up the barbecue rule book and tossed it in the smoker”.

Smoky Sue’s is a family owned business, which started in 2017. It was founded by Owen Brown, who had a passion for cooking American barbecue as a hobby.

“I had smoked meat as a hobby and been in hospitality for over 20 years but got sick of developing big brands, so I thought it was time for myself, and Smoky Sue’s was born,” he said.

“We have wanted to bring a fast casual barbecue dining experience to the community of Penrith for over three years – we just knew it would be a hit!”

Opening during the middle of lockdown for takeaway and more recently as a dine-in experience, Smoky Sue’s has been hugely popular with Penrith diners already, largely due to their extensive and mouth-watering menu.

The restaurant serves ‘barbecue done different’ inspired meals to suit any appetite from bowls, burritos, tacos and nachos to succulent meat platters, loaded fries and infamous Ribby McRibface burgers.

“A lot of what we do challenges the status quo of normal barbecue,” Owen said.

“We smoke using American hickory, on our Yoder smoker, every day.

“We use our house crafted rubs to season our meats – predominantly Texan inspired with our beef, Carolina style pulled pork and pork belly, and our fried chicken pays homage to the southern regions.”

For diners that prefer to eat in with their family and friends, Smoky Sue’s is fully licenced with a great range of cocktails, beer and wine. They also have some incredible desserts and shakes too, if you’re feeling that extra bit cheeky.

If you love a deal or two, Smoky Sue’s encourages locals to sign-up to their loyalty program via their website to receive special offers along with a tantalising sign-up bonus!

You can also book a table at Smoky Sue’s online or order directly with them at

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