Virtual conference for Landcare Week

Xuela Sledge.
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In celebration of Landcare Week, the environmental organisation is hosting a free online conference this week to get the community involved.

The virtual conference which is taking place on August 5 and 6 will be live streamed and recorded.

Penrith’s Xuela Sledge from the Greater Sydney Landcare Network is one of the 60 speakers who can be watched online.

“It is a good opportunity to raise awareness about the environment of western Sydney which often gets overlooked and our Cumberland Plain restoration program,” Ms Sledge said.

“There are so many interesting speakers giving insight and ideas on how to look after the environment around you , or even your backyard, school grounds or local parks.”

The local Landcare Coordinator said people should get involved to help protect the unique bushland around Penrith by doing things themselves or joining a local group.

“The bushland within Penrith LGA is really special, like nothing else you will find within the country but it is disappearing rapidly with development,” she said.

“Anything you people can do to limit impacts on their local patches of bush like planting trees, having nectar rich shrubs in their backyards or keeping cats indoors will be so helpful.”


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