A new hub of support and care

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Mamalove Connect, a not-for-profit early intervention, education and support hub, has opened in Jordan Springs.

With three additional needs children themselves, founders Melanie James and Scott Melville are passionate about providing access to crucial early childhood services enabling all children and parents to thrive.

“What we’re offering is heavily discounted allied health services to children with additional needs, such as occupational therapy, speech, music therapy and psychology but we also have a lot of additional fee-free services which are fully funded by ourselves,” Melanie said.

“We have fee-free playgroups three times a week, fee-free counselling and support groups for parents every Thursday and super discounted yoga, which we will be running throughout the week.

“It’s all about community, village, tribe for us as well as teaching our village how to care for one another.”

The brand new facility, situated above Terry White Chemist, opened on June 1 and also supports early childhood educators, teachers and parents seeking support and strategies for children in their care.

“We’re not at capacity yet with our therapists – we have 13 rooms and we’ve started slow intentionally to provide consistent quality care,” Melanie said.

New and expectant mums are also invited to use the holistic hub, whether it’s to join Mamalove Baby Time – where mums and bubs can connect and seek support and friendship – or to visit the free drop in baby clinic, which launches in January 2022.

“Any pregnant mum or new mum will be able to come, have their baby weighed, have all their pre/post natal appointments taken care of with our own midwife on the team, and an Aboriginal midwife who will also provide culturally appropriate care,” Melanie said.

Most importantly, Mamalove Connect hopes to help as many people as possible.

“We are not doing this for money, this is a passion and we are fully self-funded,” Melanie said.

“We have four children, three of whom have additional needs, and everything that we do is about giving children access to what our own children have had the benefit of accessing in the last few years.”

The hub is located at Suite 8, Watergum Drive and Lakeside Parade, Jordan Springs. Visit mamaloveconnect.com.au, phone 4726 6100 or email [email protected].

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