Podcast: Reece relishes stand up after years of toil

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Reece Boyall is a comedian, and producer at Stand Out Comedy – a comedy club he has built from scratch. Through years of toil and honing his craft, Reece has embraced the journey and gets his gratification through extrinsic channels, making others happy through his work.

“For me, putting effort into writing material and having time to engage with a complete stranger and make them laugh…it’s pretty amazing”, Reece said.

“With Stand Out, to create an environment where both audience and performers thoroughly enjoy themselves…it’s awesome.”

Nonetheless, the art of comedy can be arduous. Channelling your energy to the most captive group of the audience and delivering real-life experiences is the best way to sustain your work, according to Reece.

“(When performing) don’t care about everyone…just care about the people who are engaging…look at the people right in front of you who are engaged,” Reece said.

“I’m a really strong believer that you experience it (the story) and then you can tell the audience.”

With many in the field seeking instant reward and fame, Reece has maintained a humble perspective and kept focus on the meaningful connections and enduring benefit of developing as a person and comedian, always looking for ways to learn and improve.

“If you’re going to pursue something, know that you’re going to pursue it for the longevity…sometimes the short game will be really daunting”, Reece said.

“I want to do this for a long time…I have a lot of faith in this room (Stand Out Comedy) that it will go somewhere beautifully consistent…a room that everyone will go to.”

Find out more in the latest episode of the Passion & Perspective Podcast, hosted by Jonathan Robinson-Lees.

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