Coffee with a huge helping of love

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Rich with flavour, aroma and passion, Love Beans brings the very best coffee from around the world to Penrith.

Roasting in the Blue Mountains with an Espresso Bar at 365 High Street, coffee connoisseur Tamara Reeves roasts in small batches each week to ensure the coffee beans are fresh.

Her aim is to create an array of new and exciting flavours that are bound to make you fall in love with coffee again.

From hints of fruit, caramel and chocolate, the rich, bold flavours are exquisite.

They even have a ‘blueberry candy’ flavoured iced coffee!

Opening their doors on April 2, the day before COVID-19 lockdown, this start-up business has faced its share of challenges.

The team, led by Ms Reeves, collaborated to find innovative solutions to people being isolated at home and unable to work in the Penrith area.

Love Beans implemented the first hot coffee and ‘care pack’ delivery service during winter to at-home workers and businesses in and around Penrith.

It became so popular, the demand required the delivery area to broaden to suburbs including Jordan Springs, Cranebrook, Glenmore Park, South Penrith, Leonay and Caddens.

Feedback was overwhelming and this delivery service is now part of their everyday offering.

This led to the successful launch of Love Beans’ delivery app, which can be found via your app store.

Another initiative was the Love Beans catering service.

“We were able to support local businesses providing lunch, morning and afternoon teas,” Ms Reeves said.

“We are proud to be assisting Penrith PCYC with lunches for their youth programs. We even serve babycinos for the Mums and Bubs program, which causes huge excitement when we arrive.

“We would love the community to try our coffee and we offer free samples of beans, ground coffee or Nespresso and Aldi compatible coffee pods.”

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