Beloved characters set to shine on ice

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‘A Toy’s Story on Ice’ is an action-packed ice skating show for the whole family.

Join all your favourite characters as skaters perform an original show that draws ideas from the well-loved movie franchise, set to toe-tapping music.

See Rex ‘Walk the Dinosaur’, Jessie’s boot scooting moves while Barbie deals with her individuality and Woody as he copes with welcoming Andy’s new toy, the amazing Buzz Lightyear.

Will Buzz replace Woody as Andy’s favourite toy? And will the evil Sid send Buzz and Woody to infinity and beyond?

Mr and Mrs Potato Head will also be there with Ham, Slinky, Rex, Bullseye, Wheezy, BoPeep, Lenny, and not one but three Kens. The toy soldiers, the Aliens, and of course Jessie’s original owner Emily will make an appearance.

With tunes like ‘Walk the Dinosaur’, ‘I’m Just a Girl’, ‘One Way or Another’, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, ‘5,6,7,8’, and ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ you will be dancing in your seat throughout the cool performance.

‘A Toy’s Story on Ice’ is on at Penrith Ice Palace on December 12 and 13 at 3pm. Tickets are from $18. To book, visit

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