Labor wants gym rules relaxed

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NSW Labor says restrictions on gyms and fitness centres should be eased to help the businesses get back on track.

From August 1, all NSW gyms and fitness centres have been required to have a dedicated ‘COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal’ on duty at all times, while restrictions on class sizes are also in place.

Shadow Minister for Health Ryan Park said with five days of zero community transmission of COVID-19, a review is needed.

“Many 24 hour gyms are being forced to scale back their hours to limit costs at a time when they’re desperate to recover from closures earlier in the year,” Mr Park said.

“We need to look at sensible changes to restrictions to support jobs and small businesses, considering we’re seeing low transmission numbers right across NSW.

“If you can have 40,000 people at the footy grand final, why not look at what we can do support hard-hit small businesses?”

Mr Park said he would back a proposal for gyms and fitness centres to only require COVID-19 marshals during ‘peak hours’.

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