Meet the local Karens fighting back against the stereotype

The Heart of Us counsellor Karen Curran, Visual Artist Karen Lee, Councillor Karen McKeown, Karen’s Housekeeping’s Karen Siggins and marriage celebrant Karen Brown. Photo: Megan Dunn.
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A business owner, artist, marriage celebrant, mental health worker, and Councillor, all with one thing in common; their name.

The most popular name in 1965 ‘Karen’ has recently become an internet phenomenon, following viral footage of a Melbourne woman refusing to wear a face mask.

The name is now being used as a term to describe a typically white and middle aged woman who is outspoken and entitled.

As the ‘Karen’ phenomenon floods social media, news stations and the like, many local women with the name are standing up against the trending stereotype.

Penrith Councillor Karen Mckeown said she isn’t taking the trend too seriously.

“It has been a bit of light hearted fun but some are getting a little down with it, the only thing I will say is that I think it’s rather sexist without a male equivalent,” she said.

Owner of The Heart of Us counselling Karen Curran said she instead is focusing on the positive origin of the name which means ‘pure’ and ‘beloved’.

“Particularly in these difficult times as there is enough anxiety and uncertainty without meanness,” she said.

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