The Penrith gym keeping locals fit for free

World Gym Penrith owners Hayden Mace and Clair Williams. Photo: Megan Dunn.
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Getting your body moving during this period is a great way to boost your energy and improve mental health.

But with mass job losses across the country, not everyone can afford to subscribe to online training platforms.

That’s why World Gym Australia, in conjunction with its franchises including World Gym Penrith, have grouped together to deliver a free online fitness platform, available to all.

The platform offers tips, recipes, workouts and a live streamed class timetable run by their expert personal trainers.

Part Owner of World Gym Penrith, Clair Williams said the Coronavirus has had a huge impact on the industry but ensuring people still have their fitness community outlet is extremely important to them.

“We’ve got a lot of dedicated staff, a lot who are essential workers but myself and my instructors here instruct for our own physical and mental health too, so we were happy to dedicate our time,” she told the Weekender.

“Obviously we’ll give back to them but we’ve just got such an awesome community of trainers here at World Gym and they are happy to offer their services for free during this time.

“We understand the flow-on effects this has had in the community, some people aren’t working or are struggling during this time, so it’s so important to keep people moving for their physical and mental health.”

Members of World Gym Penrith had their membership fees ceased from March 23 when government restrictions forced them to close.

“Although we have created this platform we are still not charging anybody and opening it up, so it’s not just for our members,” Ms Williams said.

The platform features nutrition advice and a variety of training styles including cardio, strength, yoga, pilates and core.

You can select full body workouts or choose a specific body part you are wanting to train.

“We’ve got live classes but also a library of classes so you can participate in your own time,” Ms Williams said.

The platform is available to anyone, including non-members of World Gym and is completely free.

Those wishing to sign up must create an account and sign a waiver to participate.

To sign up, visit

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