Residents push for River Road safety overhaul

Peter May and Karen McKeown on River Road. Photo: Megan Dunn.
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A recent fatality on River Road has led locals to push Council to listen to their calls for increased safety.

Residents petitioning for an extended path down the southern end of the busy road into Leonay.

Leonay resident of 44 years, Peter May is one of those who have contacted Council after he witnessed the tragic accident on April 28.

“My wife and I walk there every day and it has always been a safety issue with people being forced to walk on the edge of the road with prams and bikes yet the other end has guttering and paths which is such a success,” Mr May said.

“I walked past the lady that day and within seconds she was gone and it really is a duty of care from Council, they talk about different projects but this needs to be a priority before another death happens.”

A Penrith City Council spokesperson said that Council is reviewing options for a pathway beyond the M4 Motorway but did not give an estimated date.

“Council officers have been liaising with Police and Transport NSW while we await further details of the incident,” the spokesperson said.

“All serious accidents are subject to review with Council looking closely at the road environment and driver behaviour, the review recommendations will further inform the extension of the pathway in preparation for future funding.”

Deputy Mayor Karen McKeown told the Weekender that she will be pushing for the safety improvements.

“I have been a resident for nearly 33 years so I know there has always been a need for a proper path as it is unsealed, no curb or guttering and people are forced to walk on the road or uneven grass which is unsafe,” Cr McKeown said.

“There is an issue of speeding along River Road and insufficient speed calming devices so I am working for that as well and an extension of the existing path right up to Leonay Parade which just makes sense and I won’t be letting it go until it’s done.”

Other residents have started a survey to submit to council with possible measures to be implemented to protect the community. To complete visit

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