Fun teddy bear game lightens the mood during Coronavirus pandemic

Kerrie Elliott with Aurelia (6), William (3) and Mason (1). Photo: Megan Dunn.
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A new craze is going around the community to bring children some joy during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Parents are putting stuffed toys like teddy bears in their windows for others to spot when they go for their daily walk or drive.

Cranebrook mum, Kerrie Anne Monroe started the ‘Australian Bear Hunt Movement’ page on Facebook to get everyone involved.

“My friend in America posted the idea and I thought it would be great as I have three kids and two step kids I need to entertain,” Ms Monroe said.

“They need exercise and to get out but we can’t use the playgrounds so this was something to make the walks more fun and less boring for them.”

A week after starting the group, Ms Monroe said over 4,500 people had joined in on the fun.

“There are so many families all around the area getting involved which is amazing as kids need a bit of a distraction these days,” Ms Monroe said.

“School and day care has changed so much, they can’t hold their friends’ hands or sit together and now a lot of them can’t even go which is a big adjustment.”

Ms Monroe said while it is all in good spirits, people do need to ensure they are participating safely.

“We go for a quick walk around our streets not stopping to chat, I am teaching them about social distancing and if they do accidentally touch a fence or something I have wipes and hand sanitiser,” Ms Monroe said.

“If you aren’t comfortable but still want to participate you could go for a quick drive to look or I show my kids the photos from the page that are from other suburbs which they love.”

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