Zoey’s crafty creations inspire her community

Eight-year-old Zoey Hawke with some of her necklaces. Photo: Megan Dunn
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After Zoey Hawke lost a friend to cancer, she wanted to help make a difference.

The eight-year-old from Jordan Springs started selling handmade jewellery to raise money for the McGrath Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Zoey said she started making different pieces for her store called ‘Crafting for Kellie’.

“In April I lost my friend Kellie so I wanted to make jewellery so everyone can remember her, and I wanted to raise money for cancer charities because it feels good to do stuff like that,” she said.

“I started making bracelets and then necklaces all by myself, but mummy does have to help me tie them up.”

Setting up a stall at Hoyts for a Pink Ribbon event, Zoey passed her fundraising goal, selling her jewellery for donations so everyone can give what they can afford.

“I came up with the idea to raise and donate money and my goal was $100 but my current tally is $1030.75,” Zoey said.

“At the stall I raised $388.75 and I was really happy when people wanted to wear their necklaces straight away.”

Zoey’s mum, Karia Hawke, said her daughter has always had a big heart and a want to give back.

“As parents we are incredibly proud, Zoey loves to give,” she said.

“She volunteers for a local charity and a few months ago she also chopped off her hair and donated it for wigs.”

Ms Hawke said she’s happy that her daughter can make a difference while doing something she loves.

“While we were at the stall, she whispered to me a few times ‘Mummy I’m so happy, this make my heart smile’ but little did she know what she was doing was making so many hearts smile,” she said.

Ms Hawke said they hope to sell the remaining stock on Facebook and make it an annual event to raise more money to donate.

“After selling to family, friends and having the stall Zoey still has 46 necklaces left to sell if people are interested,” she said.

“Once a year in October, which is Pink Month, we will raise as much money as we can to donate.”

To purchase a necklace, visit facebook.com/CraftingForKellieByZoeyHawke.

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