Veteran Emu Plains doctor calls it a day

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Barry Kroll will be saying goodbye to medicine next month after practising for 40 years in Emu Plains.

The GP obstetrician is retiring, prompting plenty of reflection on his career.

The University of Queensland graduate told the Weekender it was a toss-up between medicine or being a pilot, but he was ultimately happy with his career choice.

“I have had many highlights in my career like starting the practice in 1980 and doing obstetrics,” Dr Kroll said.

“I think that traditional solo family practice is the most satisfying type of medical practice and it’s a privilege to be involved in the lives of the families that I have treated.”

Dr Kroll said he sold his practice 10 months ago and has been working at the re-named Good Practice Surgery two days a week until he officially retires to spend more time with his family.

“It is sad to be retiring and I’ll certainly miss the patients, but I want to spend more time with my grandchildren while I’m fit and healthy,” he said.

“I also plan to travel a lot more and maybe even have a weed-free garden now that I will have the time.”

The doctor, who is well respected in the area, is one of the last in the generation of solo GPs and said it will be difficult to leave his patients behind after treating several generations of families.

“We often say a huge percentage of our patients become friends and a large number of friends become patients especially in solo practice,” Dr Kroll said.

“I’d be very surprised in the next few years if there is more than a handful of solo GPs left in Australia, which is a shame because for me, it was always a pleasure to come to work and practice the way I did in the area.”

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