Friday Five: Desserts

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We’ve all got a sweet tooth hidden away somewhere, and luckily there’s some awesome places in Penrith to grab a delicious dessert.

We’ve narrowed down the top five…

5. Tella Balls (Tench Avenue, Penrith)

The new kid on the block, Tella Balls by the Nepean River has some awesome dessert options in a fun and vibrant location.

Try the Nutella Lasagne – chocolate mousse with fresh cream, chocolate biscuit layers, lashings of Nutella and vanilla gelato.

Or what about something more traditional, like a delicious banana split? The perfect way to finish off a night out.

4. Krispy Kreme (Panthers, Penrith)

Since opening in Penrith in 2003 to huge crowds, Krispy Kreme has been a staple choice for a special treat.

Who can go past an Original Glazed doughnut?

There’s also some delicious shakes here, including our favourite – the blue heaven!

3. Green Chocolate Lounge (Lakeside Parade, Jordan Springs)

This menu just screams yum! Try the waffles (an Oreo waffle if you’re feeling naughty or a fruit waffle if you’re at least trying to be good), and don’t forget the delicious crepes.

The pancakes here simply have to be tried, while churro lovers are well taken care of.

If you’re feeling a real craving for chocolate, give the Fondue Chocolate Pots a try!

2. Yogurtland (Batt Street, Jamisontown)

Sure, this menu is dominated by one particular dessert but when that dessert is frozen yogurt, how can it not be on the list?

Flavours change regularly but there’s always something to tickle your tastebuds, like the Raspberry Sorbet Lemonade or the delicious Arctic Vanilla.

Throw on some toppings and you’ve got a winning dessert.

1. San Churro (Riley Street, Penrith)

Probably Penrith’s most popular dessert haunt, there’s so many awesome options here at Sun Churro in Penrith.

Try their specialty, delicious churros, or jump into a mouth watering ice cream.

Sip a hot chocolate and dream of what you’ll have next time.

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