Man’s Glenmore Park house party takes bizarre twist

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A 44-year-old has been charged after committing multiple offences involving drugs, a firearm, sexual touching and an assault at his own house party earlier this week.

On Sunday, October 20 the man held a small gathering at his residence on Narran Place, Glenmore Park.

It is alleged about 4.30pm the 44-year-old used prohibited drugs before offering them to attendees of the gathering.

About 8pm the 44-year-old then showed the persons at the gathering an air rifle he owned.

It is alleged that the man showed attendees how to operate the rifle before firing multiple shots at his rear fence.

A 21-year-old female was inside the residence at the time when the 44-year-old entered with the rifle. She asked him if he could put it away and so he placed it into a firearm bag on the table.

A verbal argument followed, with the 44-year-old getting up in the women’s face until they were chest-to-chest.

She pushed him away before leaving the room.

Soon after, the 21-year-old re-entered the house, finding the 44-year-old man wearing nothing but his underpants.

A further argument ensued before the 21-year-old informed him that everyone was leaving.

The 44-year-old then grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him, licking her from her chest to her ear.

She managed to break free and attempted to walk away but he grabbed her again and ran his hands across her body.

She escaped and told other attendees what had happened before calling her 23-year-old boyfriend.

Upon the boyfriend’s attendance, he became involved in a verbal argument with the 44-year-old who pushed the 23-year-old on several occasions.

The 23-year-old attempted to calm him down before police arrived.

Police spoke to the man, who was still in his underwear, and searched the home.

The air rifle in its bag was located in the garage.

He was arrested and charged with ‘common assault’, ‘handle or use firearm under the influence of alcohol or drugs’, ‘not keep firearm safely’, ‘use unregistered firearm’, ‘possess ammunition without holding permit or authority’ and ‘sexual touching of another person without consent’.

He is to appear at Penrith Local Court on Monday, November 4.

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