How social media is changing kids’ birthday parties forever

Instagram-ready: A Once Upon A Time party set up in the local area
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From glamorous boho teepees to luxury spa treatments, it’s safe to say kids parties have evolved from tying some donuts to a rusty Hills Hoist.

As Instagram and social media platforms alike infiltrate our everyday lives, it’s not just some of our faces, hair and homes attempting to mirror what we see online, but the way we dress, celebrate and capture our children too.

Local businesses like Once Upon A Time Kids Sleepover Parties are cashing in on this new market, as demand for ‘Instagramable’ children’s parties in Penrith skyrockets.

Owner Karita Priora started the business two-and-a-half-years ago and said its success is because of social media.

“Our business has been extremely successful. Over the past two-and-a-half-years we have created over 300 parties for the community,” she told the Weekender.

The business quickly expanded from offering only a few boy and girl themed teepee parties, to offering Pamper Parties and glamping parties in their Belle tent, to first Birthday cake smash parties and special

Mummy and Me Packages for those too young for a sleepover yet.

Clients choose one of their many themes and then Ms Priora attends the home to set up and style the teepees, with fairy lights, lanterns, buntings, blankets, cushions, rugs and breakfast trays.

Instagram-ready: A Once Upon A Time party set up in the local area

They also offer birthday cakes, party favours, disco hire, pamper, movie and lolly bar add-ons, invitations, kimono hire and dress-ups as well as breakfast packs or hot chocolate sets.

“I often think when I am decorating a party, wow, this would have been a dream come true to have a sleepover like this when I was younger,” Ms Priora said.

“Often parents will say upon booking a party with us, how excited they are for the party to occur, ‘I think I’m more excited than my daughter’, a few mums have proudly shared with me.”

Glenmore Park mum Heather Bajonov’s six-year-old daughter had a Once Upon A Time party last year.

“The party set-up was just stunning and all the girls loved it and the next day Karita came and packed it all up,” she said.

“Social media has changed parties since I was a kid, everyone seems to share videos and photos and even if you don’t want to admit it, you feel you need to do something just as pretty or amazing.”

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