Tanya Davies in stunning push to dump Premier Gladys Berejiklian

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.
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Mulgoa MP Tanya Davies is one of three rebel MPs who will tomorrow move a motion to remove Gladys Berejiklian as Premier.

The dramatic development comes just six months after Ms Berejiklian steered the Coalition to a tremendous election victory.

Now, the government is in crisis and facing massive instability.

Ms Davies, Matthew Mason-Cox and Lou Amato released a statement tonight confirming they would move the spill motion at a 10am party room meeting tomorrow.

The fallout follows ongoing debate over the abortion bill, with amendments wanted by the three rebel MPs set to be rejected.

Mulgoa MP Tanya Davies

“Three weeks ago it was made clear to the Premier and the Government that at an absolute minimum, four key amendments were required to the Abortion bill to ensure continued membership of the Liberal Party room — a prohibition on sex selection abortions, proper medical care for aborted babies born alive, protection of conscientious objection rights for doctors and allied health professionals and stricter regulation of late term abortions,” the MPs said in a statement.

“At 7:50pm tonight we were informed all the amendments were rejected in full or in part with vague undertakings for further discussions in the morning. This is simply unacceptable after waiting for three weeks for a response.

“Since the announcement on 1 August 2019 that the Abortion bill would be introduced to Parliament by the independent Member for Sydney, Mr Alex Greenwich, we have been bewildered by the lack of any regard for proper parliamentary process, particularly the failure to allow members any meaningful consultation with their local communities.

“We have respectfully and consistently requested the Premier to urgently intervene to restore proper process by stopping the fast tracking of the Abortion Bill and immediately establishing a Joint Select Committee into abortion law reform in NSW. These requests have been rejected.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian

“This lack of due process and respect for other people’s views has broken trust within the Liberal Party room, the wider Liberal Party and many communities across NSW. We have reflected deeply on our position and listened to the thousands of people who have contacted us during this time.

“We have come to the conclusion that the right course of action is not to leave the Parliamentary Liberal Party but to hold the Premier to account for presiding over this shameful process.

“We have also been alarmed by the Premier’s continued failure to address the impasse in the Legislative Council which has slowly ground the Government’s legislative agenda to dust. This position is also untenable and must be urgently resolved for the good government of this State.

“Accordingly, we give notice that we will move the following spill motion in the Liberal Party room at 10am tomorrow: That the position of Leader of the Liberal Party be declared vacant forthwith and that this spill motion be determined by a secret ballot in accordance with the rules governing meetings of the Parliamentary Liberal Party (adopted 20 Nov 1996).

“It is only with new leadership that we can again move forward as a united team delivering for the people of NSW.”

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