Penrith’s Santa shortage: Could you do the job?

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Calling all jolly, white-bearded fellows who may have had a few too many biscuits over the winter period.

Penrith is in drought, and we’re not talking about the water-kind.

It’s been a dry application season for Scene to Believe, a leading photography company that provides Santa photos in shopping centres all over the country, and now they need your help!

You may have noticed Christmas decorations and trees popping up in department stores and, soon enough, the man in the red suit with his trusty photographer is expected to follow.

But a desperate search is underway for more Santas in Penrith this Christmas.

Scene to Believe Santa Character Manager, Margaret Wolff, is urging potential applicants to come forward and said there’s a lot more perks than just fruitcake and a glass of milk.

“Our Santas need to have a jolly nature, the children particularly love the ones that have a little sing-a-long or dance, just someone that is patient and has a real love for children,” she said.

“They have to be performers, so that they can ask a child what they want for Christmas and that child goes away convinced that they just spoke to Santa Claus.”

The position, which pays a comfortable $30 per hour ,will provide Santas with paid training and gear.

At this stage, 15 positions are vacant for Santas from Penrith to Rouse Hill.

Whilst retired or partially retired men are the ideal candidates, the company has hired actors as young as 25 in the past.

“Every year people ask me why it’s so hard to find Santas and the answer is I just don’t know,” Ms Wolff said.

“If it’s worry about having to be so careful with the children, we offer extensive training on those requirements and our photographers are trained the same way.

“One of our Santas said to us the other day that the world is so sad at the moment and this is why he wishes to do it because it puts a little bit of faith and happiness back into children and keeps the spirit of Christmas alive.”

All potential future Santas need to be available six days a week.
Other positions for Elves and photographers are also available.

To apply, call Margaret on 0412 755 181 or email [email protected].

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