Tyrone May pleads not guilty

Tyrone May
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Penrith Panthers utility Tyrone May has pleaded not guilty to secretly filming and distributing sexual acts with two women.

May’s lawyer entered the pleas on his behalf this morning at Penrith Local Court.

The 23-year-old did not appear after being excused from attending on the last occasion.

May will defend all four charges, which include two counts of filming and two counts of distributing a sexual act without the complaints’ knowledge or consent.

The sex tape scandal erupted earlier this year after leaked footage, allegedly taken in Coffs Harbour in February 2018 and a second video allegedly filmed at Kingswood in May 2018, surfaced resulting in May’s arrest on March 5.

Police will allege that while the sexual acts were consensual, the women were unaware they were being filmed.

The court heard there would be “extensive” cross examination of witnesses, which could include up to six for the defence and three for the prosecution.

The matter was adjourned to Parramatta Local Court on July 16 to fix a hearing date, with both parties providing a three-day estimate, taking it out of Penrith Local Court’s scope, which only has the ability to hear hearings up to two days in duration.

May, currently stood down from the club, is unlikely to be reinstated until after the matter has reached a conclusion, which may still be several months away, and only if he is acquitted.

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