Llandilo man found guilty of multiple animal cruelty offences

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A Llandilo man who starved and neglected multiple farm animals to death and deprived dozens more of necessary veterinary treatment has been convicted of animal cruelty.

RSPCA inspectors seized a total of 28 sheep, 17 goats, two cows and three alpacas during a three-day raid on Rizik Khouri’s property early last year following an escalation of welfare complaints by locals.

Despite inspectors attending on a number of occasions between June 2017 and January 2018, verbally instructing the 40-year-old to seek veterinary treatment, drenching and supplementary feeding for the animals in his care, the neglect continued.

On January 27, inspectors and a vet visited the property and found an adult and baby alpaca in the final stages of dying.

According to agreed facts tendered in court, the vet assessed the adult alpaca as being in a “state of complete starvation” and found veterinary treatment should have commenced “many months prior”. The baby died during the inspection and the adult alpaca was ethuanised on the spot.

Returning just over a week later, inspectors were once again confronted with a distressing scene, this time finding a brown sheep lying on its side in full sun unable to stand. It was also humanely euthanised.

The next day, an inspector accompanied by NSW Police went back to examine the remaining animals.

They immediately encountered a goat lying recumbent and unable to stand in the front paddock by itself.

The area was littered by large amounts of fecal matter and pieces of bones, court documents reveal.

After consulting with the vet over the phone, it was deemed too cruel to keep the goat alive and the animal was euthanised by a NSW Police firearm.

Khouri was sentenced at Penrith Local Court last Thursday having previously pleaded guilty to aggravated animal cruelty and failing to provide proper and sufficient food and necessary vet treatment to more than 40 animals.

The offender, who surrendered the seized animals days after the raids, was fined $5,500 and ordered to enter four, two-year good behaviour bonds.

He was also directed to desex any animals in his care or control, that were not already desexed, within seven days.

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