Treasurer switches off power plan

Angry residents gathered at Jamison Park with Independent State Candidate for Penrith Mark Tyndall
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The State Government has ruled out Endeavour Energy acquiring a portion of Jamison Park for a new power substation.

The Weekender reported on February 19 that Endeavour Energy was looking to purchase the 5000sqm site that sits on the corner of Jamison and Racecourse Roads.

The plan sparked community outrage, and confusion over what stage the proposal had reached.

Last week, the Weekender was told the site is already in the process of compulsory acquisition by the energy company, despite it still being zoned as recreational land.

Endeavour Energy denied that their interest in the land had progressed.
Recently about 40 residents met with Independent State Candidate for Penrith Mark Tyndall to voice their concerns.

“Having spoken to the angry residents, what is evident is that this is the wrong place and the wrong solution to our energy needs and none of the residents were consulted about it,” Mr Tyndall said.

“This is of great concern as these same residents all received Council flyers for Australia Day celebrations at Jamison Park and Council clean-up and drop-offs at Jamison Park. So why the disparity?”

Jamisontown resident Mark Carpenter, who lives directly across from the site, said he first heard about the plan in the Weekender.

“The fact that this was only discovered by chance indicates in my opinion that Penrith City Council was hoping it would go unnoticed by the public,” he said.

“All residents of Penrith should be concerned about what precedent this sets and it may be the beginning of further sell off of more of Jamison Park or similar green spaces.”

Penrith Council denied the land is a part of Jamison Park or used for recreation, despite its zoning on the NSW Government Planning Portal.

“The site proposed by Endeavour Energy is not considered to be part of Jamison Park and is separated by Racecourse Road. This section is not used for recreation. The status of the acquisition is currently with Endeavour Energy,” a Council spokesperson said.

On Tuesday night, Treasurer Dominic Perrottet issued a statement assuring locals the substation would not go ahead.

He said no compulsory acquisition had been approved, and would not be in the future as it is “inconsistent” with the government’s open spaces policy.

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