Man jailed after stealing from local business

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A heroin addict who broke into a South Penrith business by throwing a pot plant through a window has been jailed for at least 10 months.

Paul Leslie Rayner, 49, initially pleaded not guilty to the March 28, 2018 offence, citing no recollection of the events, but has since accepted it, his lawyer told Penrith Local Court.

The court heard Rayner took off with three mobile phones, iPads and about $2000 in cash during the break and enter, which he was pinned for after a bloodied tissue found at the scene tested positive for his DNA.

His lawyer said it was “a shame” Rayner was not charged sooner, noting he was jailed on different matters in April 2018 and subsequently released before being arrested on these matters and bail refused again on November 28.

“These are offences that could have been finalised earlier with the other matters,” she said.

Magistrate Geoff Hiatt noted Rayner’s “significant history” of property-related offences.

He said it was open to the offender to tell police about any illegal activity he was involved in, and the DNA took time to be realised, he said of the delay.

He is eligible for release on parole on September 27.

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